Academic Ministries
Pneuma Bible College (Monthly/ 1st Mon., 7:30 PM)
Youth Bible Study (Bi-Weekly/ 2nd & 4th Thurs. Evening, 7 PM)
Ministries of Helps
Armor Bearer Ministry
Culinary Ministry
Deacon’s Ministry
Finance Ministry
Food Pantry (Monthly/ 1st Sat., 10 AM-12 Noon)
Marriage Workshop (Monthly/ 3rd Mon., 7 PM)
Pastor’s Personal Assistant Ministry
Porter’s Ministry
Security Ministry
Single’s Ministry
Sound Technician Ministry
Usher & Greeter Ministry

Performing Arts Ministries
Adult Dance Ministry (Weekly/ Mon., 5 PM)
Adult Mime Ministry (Weekly/ Mon., 5:30 PM)
Cheerleader Ministry (Weekly/ Tues., 6 PM)
Flag Ministry (Weekly/ Fri., 6 PM)
Music & Inspirational Choir Ministry (Weekly/ Tues., 7 PM) (Youth Bi-Weekly/ Two Tues. before 4th Sun. of Month, 7–7:30 PM)
Youth Dance Ministry (Weekly/ Mon., 6:30–7:30 PM)
Youth Mime Ministry (Weekly/ Tues., 5 PM)

Showers of Blessing Ministries Youth Dance & Mime Ministries
Showers of Blessing Ministries Flag Ministry
Showers of Blessing Ministries Adult Dance Ministry